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The first steps towards pursuing a passion, chasing a great idea, or making that dream job a reality can often feel like the hardest. The Path for Potential podcast takes successful entrepreneurs back to the early stages of their careers to uncover the experiences and decisions that led them down their path. Each episode offers fresh insights into why our diverse collection of interesting guests made their career paths their own.

The Hosts

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Johanna Basford

Johanna Basford is a Scottish illustrator and ink evangelist who “prefers pens and pencils to pixels”, nowadays known as one of the pioneers of adult colouring books. Johanna’s first adult colouring book and The New York Times bestseller Secret Garden was published in 2013 and has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. With over 15 books published since then and a series of other colouring products, such as journals, planners, and calendars, Johanna’s work attracted the attention of many popular clients such as Tate Modern and Nike. Johanna’s mission to inspire the world to put down technology for a while to pick up a pen or pencil and get creative has sparked a movement of colouring as a form of self-care.

Mark Beaumont

Mark Beaumont BEM is a Scottish long-distance cyclist and adventurer who holds the record for cycling around the world in less than 79 days, completing a total of 18,000 miles in 2017. Mark’s journeys have not only lead to World firsts and records in over 130 nations and territories, but also multiple documentaries with BBC or GNC+ and the publication of 5 books.  Mark’s background in Economics also sparked an early interest in investing, working for over thirteen years with LCD, the UK’s leading mid-market firm, before joining Eos Advisory in 2017 as a Partner, where he now also leads the fundraising and venture partnerships.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship

At the University of Dundee, the Centre for Entrepreneurship’s mission has always been to nurture the entrepreneurial potential of those just starting their journey. The Path for Potential podcast is our plan to take our ambitions to a wider audience whilst standing apart from other podcasts only interested in a guest’s career highlights. By discovering the early-stage decisions taken by our passionate and engaging guests and their personal experiences, we want to showcase relatable stories to create new perspectives and spark inspiration for you!


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