Ella Mills, founder of deliciously ella, had a self-confessed lack of ambition when she was young. On top of that, a debilitating illness that was present through her time at university. However, this life experience inspired Ella’s interest in nutrition and diet which was channelled into her blog ‘deliciouslyella’ and has now led to bestselling books, an online platform, 2.3 million followers, and a restaurant!

A true example of making the most of life and overcoming adversity, and how to turn an interest into your career. Mark and Johanna discuss with Ella how adversity can breed creativity, how Ella created an online community before the modern landscape of social media, and how your true potential can only be reflected on and is harder to notice at the time. Also, hear Ella’s advice for people starting their careers.

This is Ella’s Path for Potential.

Ella Mills

Ella Mills is an award-winning cookery author, entrepreneur, and a champion of plant-based living. She started off with the popular website, deliciouslyella.com, before writing the best-selling debut cookbook in the UK.

She has since released a further five best-selling books, amassed a social media audience of over three million people. With her husband Matthew, they have created a #1 app and podcast, opened a restaurant in London, and launched several ranges of plant-based food products in to over 7,000 stores across the UK from Tesco and Waitrose to Holland and Barrett and Boots.

But every time you open your phone, and every time you open your email and some one’s sent you a message saying “this has genuinely had an impact on my life” you feel this kind of do more, and reach more people (…) That feeling is so deep towards the community that supported Deliciously Ella I just truly mean that I don’t think we would’ve done what we’ve done without them, because they’re the driving force behind coming back time and time again.

Ella Mills, Path for Potential


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